UGC Halo 3 Event Officially Announced

By: Andrew Marx | November 4th, 2013

This evening UGC officially announced that they are going ahead with their Halo 3 Tournament. The release announces that 500 people responded to their online poll with a Yes vote for a Halo 3 tournament. The event is set to for the weekend of January 31st through to February 2nd, 2014. The tournament will be at the much respected venue Battlefield Knoxville to the delight of many. Team tickets are priced at $200 for the first 32 and $250 for every team after that.

The UGC Halo 3 tournament is an all or nothing event. If the 32 team slots are not filled then the tournament will not go ahead. If the event doesn’t go ahead then any money will be returned within 5 days. UGC are also accepting donations which will be available soon on their store. 100% of donated money will go into the prize pool.

The full event information is as follows:

The Venue: Battlefield Knoxville
The Date: January 31st – February 2nd, 2014
Team Ticket: $200 (1st 32 teams) $250 (32<)
Hotel Price: $60 per double room, per night (Approximately)

You can check out the full release here and of course you can chat about the event with the rest of the community on our forums.