Twitch Affiliates Receive Access to Subscriptions | Beyond Entertainment


Back in April, Twitch launched the Affiliate Program which is a way for streamers to work towards the goal of becoming a Partner.  Affiliates only way of earning revenue is through Twitch’s Cheering feature via “bits.” Well Twitch revealed a very big announcement today that is going to make Affiliates around the world happy.  Starting this week, Twitch Subscriptions will be available to all Affiliates.  This includes all options, the $5, $10, $25, and as well as the free Twitch Prime subscription.

There will still be some major differences between being an Affiliate and a Partner. Affiliates will only have access to 1 sub emote while Partners can unlock up to 50.  Also, things may take longer for an Affiliate for get things approved like emotes and also customer support as Partners will always have priority.  Check out this chart that shows all the differences of “All Streamers vs Twitch Affiliates vs Twitch Partners.

It is refreshing to see Twitch continue to find ways to help support up-and-coming streamers.  Twitch plans to release more features in the future to bridge the gap between Affiliates and Partners.  What your thoughts on the newly announced Subscriptions for Twitch Affiliates?  Talk it over in our forums!


Source: Twitch