Team Beyond 4v4 No-Radar Invitational Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Today, Beyond Entertainment is pleased to announce the very first Halo 5: Guardians No Radar Invitational! The event will showcase two of the best HCS pro teams in a best-of-13 series with radar disabled; the first place team walks home with $500 and exclusive bragging rights!




Event Info



  • Best-of-13 series
  • Standard Halo 5 Settings
  • Radar: Disabled



  1. Coliseum CTF
  2. Eden Strongholds
  3. Truth Slayer
  4. Fathom CTF
  5. Rig Slayer
  6. Plaza Strongholds
  7. Regret Slayer
  8. Truth CTF
  9. Plaza Slayer
  10. Empire Strongholds
  11. Coliseum Slayer
  12. Rig Strongholds
  13. Eden Slayer


We hope to see the Halo community in full force to observe some new competitive Halo 5 gameplay! Discuss the no radar Beyond Invitational on our forums!