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Rocket League Xbox One Release Date Announced

By : Ryan Cox | Wed, Feb 10, 2016

Back at the The Game Awards at the end of 2015, Rocket League won the award for Best Indie Game of the Year, and Psyonix revealed that the game will finally be making its Xbox One debut in February of 2016. Today, they have finally revealed the Rocket League Xbox One release date. Rocket League on Xbox One will release Wednesday, February 17th for...

Rocket League for Xbox One Announced

By : Ryan Cox | Thu, Dec 3, 2015

Psyonix’s Rocket League took the gaming world by storm this past year with its hectic and competitive gameplay and incredible developer support. Rocket League pits teams of one to four players controlling RC-cars with incredible speed and over the top handling against each other, with the goal of scoring a neutral ball into your opponents goal. Originally,...