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Quake World Championship Announced

By : Ezekiel Carsella | Mon, Jun 12, 2017

After showing off Quake Champions at E3 2016, Bethesda has decided to fully invest into Quake esports with a $1 million tournament at Quake Con in August. Details on the tournament themselves have been provided by the tournament organizer ESL who will be hosting a Duels and 4v4 (Sacrifice) tournaments at Quake Worlds 2017. The tournament will be fed...

Quake Champions Announced

By : Connor Murphy | Sun, Jun 12, 2016

Bethesda kicked off their E3 press conference on Sunday night with a trailer for Quake Champions, a newly announced game in the Quake series. Seeking to bring classic Quake arena FPS to the modern gaming era, the game will be fast-paced with classic rocket jumping and jump strafing. Specifically tailored for PC gameplay, Quake Champions will allow players...