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Sony Announces Destiny 2 PS4 Pro Bundle

By : Ryan Cox | Tue, Jul 11, 2017

Sony has unveiled a console bundle for Destiny 2’s upcoming release that will pair Bungie’s new sequel with the PlayStation 4 Pro. The console bundle includes a Glacier White, 1TB PlaySation 4 Pro. Also included in the bundle is a physical copy of Destiny 2 as well as the content provided within the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition. Full...

Xbox Project Scorpio vs. PS4 Pro Tech Specs

By : Ryan Cox | Thu, Apr 6, 2017

Xbox’s second generation Xbox One console, Project Scorpio, was revealed during E3 2016, and was promised to drastically improve the performance of the Xbox One, such as providing native 4K gaming and drastic processing and graphics upgrades. Today, DigitalFoundry unveiled their exclusive look at Project Scorpio’s specs. This of course begs...

Mass Effect: Andromeda Displayed in 4K

By : Jason Segalla | Wed, Sep 7, 2016

At the end of their PlayStation Meeting conference, Sony showcased the 4K capabilities of the new PS4 Pro with a new gameplay trailer from the upcoming BioWare role-playing game Mass Effect: Andromeda The trailer shows the player character exploring an enclosed environment with a jet pack for mobility. The player scans plant life and interacts with...