Star Wars Battlefront 2 Announced | Beyond Entertainment


EA and DICE are delivering more for Star Wars fans and gamers alike. Star Wars Battlefront, the first installment in a reboot of the acclaimed classic game series, released in November of 2015. Just under two years following the release, the masterminds behind the series have unveiled the reveal trailer for Battlefront’s first modern sequel.

“Live the untold Star Wars story of Iden, an elite Stormtrooper, in an original single-player story. Battle on land and in space in an expanded multiplayer experience with iconic heroes and villains, thrilling space battles, and a deep progression and customization system.”

Battlefront 2 appears to be a penultimate Star Wars universe experience, featuring a full-fledged single player campaign, an expanded multiplayer mode (including 24-player space battles and dogfights), and story and character elements from throughout the entire Star Wars timeline.

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