SNES Classic Will Be Well Stocked This Fall

By: Connor Murphy | September 12th, 2017

Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime told consumers not to overpay for the upcoming SNES Classic console, and that production is “dramatically increased”. In an interview with the Financial Times, Fils-Aime claimed pre-order issues with retailers are outside of Nintendo’s control, and consumers shouldn’t resort to auction sites for overpriced units.

The SNES Classic follows 2016’s NES Classic, a release plagued by shortages that sparked rumors of artificial scarcity. Fils-Aime explained to the Times that their choices for manufacturing, and an $80 price point, are the root of such shortages. A similar bottleneck of resources is also affecting Switch manufacturing, causing more shortages since launch back in March. Basically, it’s their designs that cause bottlenecks in their supply chain, thus, an overall shortage in consoles.

Reggie promises the availability of this retro console, but after last year, most consumers probably won’t believe it until they see it. The SNES Classic hits stores September 29 at $79.99.

Source: Gamespot