Rocket League: Starbase ARC Update Announced

By: Ryan Cox | December 1st, 2016

At the Game Awards 2016, developer Psyonix unveiled the newest game update coming to Rocket League. The new content drop, Starbase ARC, will launch next Wednesday, December 7th.

Starbase ARC Arena

The content centerpiece for the new Rocket League update is a new semi-standard, octagonal stadium with a new science-fiction theme that will be available in Casual, Competitive, and Private modes.



Customizable Training

Additionally, Rocket League’s training mode now contains the capability to set up pre-determined ball paths and dribbles to drill new techniques and practice new setups. This feature will be available on all three platforms, and will also allow players to browse, save, and share training drills set up by other users.

Rocket League Screenshot 2


Arena Preferences

Another exciting future coming to Rocket League is the ability to tailor your matchmaking experience to your liking. Arena preferences will allow players to like and dislike stadiums and have the game tailor their experience towards those preferences.



The Starbase ARC update for Rocket League includes all of these things and more incredible options and improvements to the game. The update will be available to all platforms—Xbox One, PS4, and PC—when it releases on December 7th.

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