Rocket League on Nintendo Switch Releases This November | Beyond Entertainment


Yesterday, Psyonix Studios announced the release date for their smash hit physics-based sports game, Rocket League, on Nintendo’s newest console—the Switch. The game will be available through the Nintendo eShop, but Psyonix has not announced if they will be making a physical copy for Switch as well.

Psyonix sat down with the Nintendo Minute crew for a studio tour and a gamplay demo of Rocket League on Nintendo Switch.

Rocket League on Nintendo Switch releases November 14th for $19.99 USD

Switch Rocket League fans will also be able to obtain exclusive Nintendo-themed battle cars, such as the Mario, Luigi, and Metroid vehicles pictured below.

Rocket League on Switch will feature cross platform play with PC and Xbox One platforms, most available content on other platforms, and wireless local multiplayer. Certain features, such as the recently introduced transparent goalposts, may not make it in for the release due to time or hardware restrictions.

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