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Renegades made their way into the eSports scene as an organization when their original League of Legends team took down Team Coast in the 2015 Summer Relegation tournament, earning their spot in the League of Legends Pro League – the LCS. Since then, Renegades has acquired professional teams in both Halo and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and have improved greatly in their League of Legends performances as well. However, due to numerous controversies regarding a handful of LCS teams and organizations, Riot Games has taken affirmative action by banning Renegades from all Riot-sanctioned events.

Riot provided the following context regarding the Renegades/TDK debacle:

Over the course of this split we have received multiple serious allegations about the Renegades organization. The allegations have been centered around (1) team ownership structure and behavior, (2) player welfare and treatment within the team and (3) collusion/competitive integrity. After weeks of investigation, we have found several of the allegations to be corroborated by testimony and evidence from parties involved.

Because of these allegations, Riot Games collected evidence that proved wrongdoings from the ownership of the Renegades organization. The coaches, players, and ground-level management were not to blame for these actions; Riot made that explicitly clear.

RNG LoL 2016

In addition, Team Impulse, another recognizable name in the LCS league, has been banned due to failure to uphold proper payment schedules and contracts for players. All three teams (TiP, RNG, and TDK) have been given a brief grace period in which they can sell their teams and players to new management/ownership and make a prompt exit from the atmosphere of Riot’s leagues.

One question that comes to mind is where these events will bring Renegades in the future. The Renegades Halo team recently qualified for the Halo Championship Series Pro Leaguebut if the organization plans to dissolve, this will leave the RNG squad in a difficult position, perhaps even in need of an acquisition by a new sponsor or organization.

RNG Halo 2016

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