Rainbow Six Siege’s Future Content Releases Detailed

By: Devin Sidhu | November 22nd, 2017

Earlier this month, Ubisoft began detailing the third year of support for Rainbow Six: Siege as well as Year 2’s final season, Operation: White Noise. Some format changes will be coming for the DLC distribution in Year 3, as well as a new mode.

Operation White Noise is the South Korea-oriented DLC. Firstly, the new map will be titled Tower, which is set in a condensed tower on the Seoul skyline. Next, another Operator from the Polish GROM CTU will be joining Ela. In fact, this new attacker is Ela’s sister, Zophia.

Zophia will carry a breaching launcher that will also be able to fire concussion grenades. Both Zophia and Ela will be somewhat resistant to each other’s concussion effects. The two new South Korean Operators will be representing the 707th Special Mission Battalion. The defender will be named “Vigil” and his ability will be to have the opportunity to be invisible to drones and hacked cameras. Speaking of hacked cameras, the attacker will be named “Dokkabei.” Her ability will be to hack the defending team’s cameras and have full use of them. She can also hack defender’s phones, giving an audio cue of their location to the attacking team.

Year 3 will start off with Operation: Chimera. This first DLC will contain a new French and Russian operators, both of which are described as “Hazmat specialists.” It will also include Outbreak, a new 3 player co-op mode that will be available for 4 weeks and have its own exclusive map pool. As many leaks and hints have pointed at before, this will likely be R6’s take on a “zombies” mode. Season 2 will be more traditional, with players getting a new map and two new Italian Operators. Season 3 will include a map re-work as well as an additional operator for existing British and American CTUs. To close out Year 3, Season 4 will bring a new map and two new Moroccan operators.

Operation: White Noise still doesn’t have a release date, but if Ubisoft follows last year’s schedule, players will be able to try out the 3 new operators just before Christmas. Discuss R6S on our forums!