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With Rainbow Six Siege players being starved for content since February, Ubisoft finally opened up about the game’s next season of content, titled Operation: Blood Orchid at Gamescom and in a blog post released yesterday. Blood Orchid will include a new map in Theme Park, two new SDU operators representing Hong Kong, as well as a third operator from the Polish GROM unit.

The first two operators are from Hong Kong’s Special Duty Unit. The attacker’s name is Ying, meaning firefly. Ying’s unique gadget is her Candela flash charge. The charge will release several non-lethal flash explosions upon detonation, similar to multiple flashbangs being thrown into a room simultaneously. Candelas can either be thrown like a typical flashbang, can be rolled along the ground or can be anchored onto breakable surfaces, much like Fuze’s cluster charges. Ying can also set a delay for the detonation when rolling or anchoring her Candelas and will be immune to the effects of her charges.

The SDU defender’s name is Lesion. Lesion can deploy Gu mines which inject a toxin into a target when stepped on. This toxin will limit their movement speed as well as apply a damage-over-time effect upon its victim. Players can remove the toxin to avoid further damage, but will have to lower their weapon and perform an animation to do so, risking precious seconds. The mines will also be cloaked, so only IQ can see them, although Thatcher’s EMPs can destroy them. Lesion will be able to place 7 mines total, however, only one will be available will be available on spawn. The others will become available as the round goes on, with a mine becoming available every 35 seconds. Both SDU operators will have medium speed and armor.

The final operator is from the Polish Tier 1 unit, named GROM. Her name is Ela and she will be a light armor, high speed operator. Her unique gadget is her Grzmot proximity concussion mines. These mines will stick to any surface and will activate when an attacker gets too close. The attacker will be temporarily disoriented, much like the effects of Echo’s Yokai drone. Ela will have access to 4 mines but will keep a fifth mine for when she is downed. The effects will be much shorter in length than those of the Yokai, but Ela will also be notified when a mine is detonated.

Check out a look at the Operation Blood Orchid patch notes, with weapon/operator balance changes included, here.

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