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The team changes for Call of Duty keep on coming, today we got word that Proofy would be leaving Team EnVyUs, this is right after the departure of Scump to OpTic Gaming yesterday. Team EnVyUs currently is just Merk, Gooonjar and Coach Rambo. Below is a statement released by Proofy:

I am officially an F/A for the 2014 season and will be looking for a new team to try my best to win championships for. I run AR, those who have played with or against know my motivation and abilities to get the job done. I felt for me it was finally my time to try something new and go from there. Words cant describe the amount of respect I have for everyone on @TeamEnVyUs and the opportunities they have given me in the career! @Hastr0 cares more about his players than anyone Ive ever met and is a huge role model in my life and wish I couldve got him championships. Thanks for everything and ready to begin my search. Those who support me, thank you so much for the continued support. It keeps me going <3

Team EnVyUS at UMG Philly via esportsmax
Team EnVyUS at UMG Philly via esportsmax

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