Pistola and Snipedown leave OpTic Halo | Beyond Entertainment


UPDATE: Pistola and Snipedown have released tweets regarding their future situation:


The first of many Halo roster changes to come just happened moments ago; Pistola and Snipedown have decided to part ways with OpTic Halo after falling short at The Master Chief Collection Launch Invitational with a  5th/6th placing.  Flamesword explains the move in his new vlog below:

The OpTic Halo roster will now consist of Flamesword and Ace, who will be looking for 2 new players going into the upcoming Halo Championship Series season. Make sure to check out our official Halo Championship Series Teams, Seeds and Discussion‏ for the latest team changes.

OpTic Halo HaloFest

In addition, the first pre-season tournament for the Halo Championship Series has been delayed due to connectivity issues in the Master Chief Collection. HCS Season 1 begins on December 12th at the Iron Games event in Columbus.

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