Parasite Joins Team EnVyUs | Beyond Entertainment


After just placing 2nd at the Call of Duty Championship last month, Team EnVyUs has decided to move Rambo into a coaching role for Team EnVyUs. In his place, Parasite will be joining Team EnVyUs as their new 4th.

No word on why the team change happened yet, but with the MLG Call of Duty League Season 2 rosters locking tomorrow and a lot of rosters making last day pushes it comes as no surprise at this point.

Parasite later released a statement about him joining Team EnVyUS:

As of the night i was released from Curse the team rosters that were announced prior to today were going to stand. I wanted to join nV because i knew they were unhappy with Rambos performance however they told me they weren’t letting him go.

nV (Rambo, Nameless, Study, Merk)
FaZe Black (Formal, Censor, Saints, Proof)

I was going to fill in for TK and just bite the bullet for Season 2. I had NO PLANS and didn’t contact any of these teams again after i was released.

Today i get a text from Formal saying Proof is leaving and if I want to join. I had NO OTHER OPTIONS I did what was best for me. Rather then sit out season 2 I decided to just take the option before someone else did.

After about an hour nV guys contact me and tell me Ray is going to be stepping down from the team and if i wanted in. nV was my first team choice and although i knew id get a ton of shit for it I decided to do what would make me happy.

I took the opportunity.

I DIDN’T try to pry open these opportunities. They came to me without notice and without asking.

I’m sorry if you are upset about it but, I did what was best for me.

What do you think about the Team EnVyUS roster change with Parasite? Do you like Rambo as a Coach again? Make sure to discuss it on our forums now!