Overwatch Year of the Rooster Event Revealed

By: Ryan Cox | January 25th, 2017

The Overwatch team at Blizzard always seem to have a new trick up their sleeves. With their most recent seasonal Christmas event coming to a close, very few were expecting a new seasonal event to be right around the corner. A short while ago, Blizzard teased their newest seasonal event—Overwatch Year of the Rooster, which has since been revealed. The new update and event brings in over 100 new cosmetic items as well as a new Capture the Flag Brawl.

As is standard with Overwatch’s seasonal events, Year of the Rooster will introduce countless new cosmetic items, this time themed around the Chinese New Year. In the new Lunar New Year Loot Boxes, players can obtain hero Skins, Victory Poses, Emotes, and more, all focused on January’s holiday.

Alongside new cosmetics, Year of the Rooster will also introduce a new Brawl for Overwatch’s minigame-focused Arcade—Capture the Rooster. As one could guess from the Brawl’s clever name, the new mode brings Capture the Flag to Overwatch for the first time, exclusively on the Lijiang Tower map.

Additionally, Year of the Roster will also coincide with a global game update that will rebalance certain characters (Sombra, D.Va, etc), introduce new features, and fix bugs across all of Overwatch’s platforms—Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Overwatch Year of the Rooster is live from now until February 13th, so hop on and start collecting some New Years loot boxes! Discuss all things Overwatch on our forums!