Overwatch Uprising Event Announced

By: Ryan Cox | April 10th, 2017

After a leak was covered up yesterday, it didn’t take long for Blizzard to make their next announcement: a new event is coming to Overwatch! The Overwatch Uprising event will take players back to a key time in Overwatch’s history, seven years ago, as the members of the Overwatch team fight against robotic omnic enemies on the King’s Row map.

The event will feature a co-op PvE game mode, similarly to last year’s Halloween event, and will also introduce hundreds of new cosmetic items focused around the theme of Overwatch’s rich history.

The Overwatch Uprising event will begin today, April 11th, and will last until May 1st.

“For a limited time, we’re rewinding the future and giving you the chance to relive history in our latest in-game event: Overwatch Uprising! Join Tracer on her very first mission in a new cooperative brawl and unlock pieces of the past with over 100 themed Loot Box items—including skins, highlight intros, emotes, sprays, and more.”

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