Blizzard Introduces Overwatch Server Browser

By: Ryan Cox | February 8th, 2017

As a part of the ongoing effort to refine and improve Overwatch, Blizzard’s development team are once again going above and beyond to implement new tools and additions for their community. On February 7th, a new test patch went live on Overwatch’s Public Test server, introducing new changes to heroes, new Custom Game options, and the much anticipated Server Browser.

Hero Changes

Alongside majority of Overwatch’s patches and updates come new changes to existing heroes in Overwatch’s cast of characters. This update improved quality of life for numerous heroes, such as introducing modular targeting sensitivity for characters such as Mercy and Zarya.

Additionally, Overwatch’s Bastion character received its first major overhaul since the game’s launch. Bastion’s turret mode is now less lethal, but provides more consistent and ongoing damage via a larger magazine size in order to combat tanks and enemies with high survivability. Bastion’s recon/mobility mode has also seen numerous improvements in magazine size and stability. Bastion will also receive quality of life improvements such as a stronger healing ability and more mobility options.

Custom Games

The first item on the agenda for Blizzard’s new update was to cement Capture the Rooster, Overwatch’s seasonal Capture the Flag mode, as an official staple in the game’s Arcade. Additionally, the mode will also now be available to play in Custom Games. New maps have also been introduced that should provide a larger amount of replayability for Overwatch’s most popular Brawl.

Speaking of Custom Games, the Overwatch team has done an enormous amount of work to improve the customizability of Overwatch’s private matches. Hero abilities can now be turned on/off and modified, heroes and teams can be limited, gametypes and rules can be modified to players’ likings, and these capabilities will all be amplified by the newly introduced server browser.

Server Browser

Akin to titles such as Halo 5: Guardians, who have recently introduced Custom Game browsers to their game, Overwatch will soon feature a live server browser, where players can find and join lobbies to play both new and classic Overwatch experiences.

The Overwatch team will be closely monitoring activity on the server browser to determine what types of improvements and creations the community will develop, and how they can transition those experiences into the standard game.

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