Overwatch Loot Box Probabilities Publicly Released

By: Ryan Cox | May 10th, 2017

Due to new legal regulations in China for online game transactions, Blizzard and many other gaming publishers have publicly released the drop rates for in-game loot boxes and random item drops.

According to their announcement, these are the Overwatch loot box probabilities for players who purchase the micro-transaction crates that reward in-game items. Overwatch’s loot boxes are priced

  • Rare Items: All loot boxes will contain at least one or more rare quality items, guaranteed.
  • Epic Items: Players will receive an Epic item for every 5.5 loot boxes they open, on average
  • Legendary Items: Players will receive a Legendary item for every 13.5 loot boxes they open, on overage.


With these probabilities released, Overwatch players can now get a general sense of their chance to achieve their favorite character skins, emotes, and more. However, it is worth noting that these probabilities were released pertaining to the Chinese release of Overwatch, it is possible that loot boxes in other regions have varying drop rates.

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