Overwatch League’s First Seven Teams Announced

By: James Glaze | July 12th, 2017

The Overwatch League has been something that has been discussed over and over again this year. While specifics have been scarce, we know Activision Blizzard has big plans for when it launches.

Price tags for spots within the league have been reported as high as $20 million a team, but we’ve yet to hear of any confirmed teams.  Well today, Blizzard finally has unveiled the first seven teams in the Overwatch League.


  • Boston, USA – Owner: Robert Kraft, chairman and CEO of The Kraft Group and the New England Patriots
  • New York City, USA – Owner: Jeff Wilpon, COO of the New York Mets
  • San Francisco, USA – Owner: Andy Miller, chairman and founder of NRG eSports
  • Los Angeles, USA – Owner: Noah Whinston, CEO of Immortals
  • Miami, USA – Owner: Been Spoont, CEO and cofounder of Misfits
  • Shanghai, China – Owner: NetEase
  • Seoul, South Korea – Owner: Kevin Chou, cofounder of Kabam


Blizzard confirmed that more teams will be announced at a later date, but it was not confirmed if this would be after Season 1 which is set to debut later this year.  For Season 1, teams will play their regular-season matches at an eSports arena in Los Angeles.  For future seasons, teams will have home venues within their cities.  Games will be played each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Specifics on schedules and ticket sales have not yet been revealed.

Blizzard Entertainment’s CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime had this to say about the upcoming league. “We’re building this league for fans—esports fans, traditional sports fans, gaming fans—and we’re thrilled to have individuals and organizations who are as passionate about professional competition as we are, and who have extensive experience in all three fields, representing our first major international cities in the league.”

Money has been a big topic when discussing the Overwatch League, and Blizzard did address some of the financial details that come with the league.  Teams themselves will be rewarded for investing in their home cities.  Each team will also receive equal revenues from advertising, broadcasting rights, and ticket sales.

Teams will also be able to keep all local revenues up to a set amount each and every year.  The revenues that go beyond that set amount will go back into the league-wide shared pool for teams.  On top of this, Overwatch players will be able to support teams within the league via in-game items.  Half of the revenues from these in-game items will be poured back into the shared revenue pool.

There are still many details that have yet to be announced regarding the Overwatch League, mainly surrounding official starting dates, rules, and league structure.  Us here at Team Beyond will make sure to keep you up to date as news comes in.

Are you looking forward to the upcoming Overwatch League? What are your thoughts on the first seven announced teams?  Let us know over on our forums!


Source: Overwatch League