Overwatch Halloween Event Announced (New Skins & Modes)

By: Ryan Cox | October 12th, 2016

The Overwatch development team at Blizzard impressed many with its recent release of the Overwatch summer event focused around the Olympic games. Many fans will be happy to find that Blizzard has continued this seasonal pattern by releasing an Overwatch Halloween event for a short time in October!

Overwatch Halloween Terror takes place from October 11th to November 1st, and will introduce new skins, items, and activities for players to enjoy and get into the Halloween spirit.

Spooky Items and Skins

Overwatch fans all love receiving new looks for their heroes of choice, and this October event is no exception. Blizzard has delivered new skins and items for players to collect and bring their main hero into the spirit of Halloween.

Junkrat Overwatch Halloween

Mercy Overwatch Halloween
Overwatch Halloween Ana

Junkenstein’s Revenge

The Halloween Terror event for Overwatch also introduces a new October-themed brawl for players to enjoy. For summer, Blizzard introduced Lucioball, a Rocket League-soccer hybrid that gave players a chance to duke it out against another team of soccer fanatics playing as Lucio. For Halloween, the name of the game is co-op, as four players (Ana, Soldier, McCree, Hanzo) take on waves of AI in the first ever matchmade PvE Overwatch experience.

Mercy Halloween Overwatch 2

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