Overwatch Doomfist Hero Revealed, Now In Testing

By: Ryan Cox | July 7th, 2017

[UPDATE 7/27] Doomfist is now available on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4!

Overwatch’s long-awaited Doomfist hero has been revealed and is currently playable on Blizzard’s PTR for the game.

In Overwatch’s story universe, Doomfist is a leader of Talon, the criminal antagonist group at odds with Overwatch. In the above animated origin story, Doomfist explains his views regarding strength and conflict.

In Overwatch gameplay, Doomfist is designed to be an close-quarters, ability-oriented hero with unique AoE and stun attacks. Here is a brief breakdown of Doomfist’s abilities:

  • Hand Cannon (Basic Attack): A projectile weapon with four shots that automatically regenerate ammunition during combat.
  • The Best Defense (Passive): Dealing ability damage grants personal shields.


Overwatch Doomfist

  • Seismic Slam: An AoE attack that draws enemies closer to Doomfist
  • Rising Uppercut: A melee attack that sends enemies upwards into the air.
  • Rocket Punch: A chargeable melee attack that sends Doomfist barreling forward into enemies, knocking enemies into walls deals bonus damage.
  • Meteor Strike (Ultimate): Doomfist leaps into the air (entirely off-map) and can select an area to deal a devastating AoE strike.


Doomfist is currently available to play on Overwatch’s Public Test Region (PTR), and will be available to the public after testing has concluded.

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