OpTic Halo Picks Up Assault & Aries | Beyond Entertainment


UPDATE: Today Flamesword has announced that OpTic Halo would be picking up Aries. Along with the news, OpTic will also be using Enable as sub for future tournaments. They will also be coached by Elamite.


A few weeks ago, we learned that Snipedown and Pistola left Optic Halo, eventually to join Evil Geniuses. This left Optic searching for 2 new players for the first season of the Halo Championship Series. Today it was announced by Flamsword, that OpTic Halo would indeed be picking up Assault as their 3rd for Season 1.

Many competitive Halo fans will remember this trio from the Status Quo days at Major League Gaming. No word on who the possible 4th will be yet, rumors have been floating that a potential reunion of Enable could be in the works. They will also be running games with Arkanum.


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