OpTic Gaming Halo Roster Announced | Beyond Entertainment


After weeks of hints and modifications to their final Halo squad, the OpTic Gaming Halo roster was finally announced the new roster on Youtube. The new OpTic Gaming Halo team will feature: Flamesword, Pistola, Ace and Snipedown with Coach Strongside

The new OpTic Gaming Halo roster marks the return of two of the most dominant duos from Halo through Ace/Flamesword of Status Quo and Snipedown/Pistola of Ambush. Along with their tremendous history, every player on the team has won a major Halo event at least twice.

The Rooster Teeth Expo will be talking place on July 4th to 6th in Austin, Texas. No word if the squad will be running any pre-event LANs at the OpTic House yet or if they’ll attending any more events before RTX.

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