Offline Call of Duty eSports League Rumored

By: Ryan Cox | October 29th, 2016

Per reports from ESPN esports, Activision is considering an offline league for the Call of Duty franchise’s newest title, Infinite Warfare. The publisher, in a conference call with team owners, expressed their interest in running a series of events on LAN as opposed to the online format of seasons past. With PlayStation Network difficulties plaguing Call of Duty World League tournaments, it seems a solution is on the table.

Credit to ASTRO Gaming

League sources told ESPN such events would run through the winter and early spring of next year, following the new game’s release, as well as the potential for a subsequent global league—also offline. Referred to as the “Global Super Bowl” of Call of Duty, 16 top circuit point teams would compete at the Major League Gaming Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Activision stated their intent to cover housing and relocation costs for participating teams if such a global league came to fruition.

This could be a momentous move for Call of Duty in an esports environment that favors offline league play. Uncertainties lie ahead, such as the need for visas for international players, but for a game that’s faced many online hardships, fans should look forward to the coming season.

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