Nintendo Switch Announced

By: Ray Smith | October 20th, 2016

Gamers have been hearing rumors for what seems like years now, and today Nintendo has concluded this anticipation by officially announcing their new successor to the Nintendo Wii U—the Nintendo Switch.


In a new short 3 minute video, we got a glimpse of the future of their home gaming platform. Check it out below!

The Nintendo Switch is set to release globally in March of 2017. The price point for the hardware is currently unknown, however Nintendo has stated that they do not intend to sell the Switch at a loss (i.e. the Wii U), which may indicate a slightly steeper price than expected.

Nintendo Switch Screenshot

As the rumors suggested, the Switch is a console-mobile device hybrid, featuring a fully functional mobile screen alongside detachable controller peripherals. When placed on a docking station, the device will connect to a home TV to serve as a standard console as one would expect from Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch Partner

Nintendo has also announced a handful of partnerships with developers and publishers, including Ubisoft, Bethesda, and more, to bring a new library of games to the new console.

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