New Youtube Content Claim Update

By: Joe B. | December 10th, 2013

For weeks networks have been giving users a “heads up” about a new YouTube Content Claim update, and as of last night it seems the new rules have started to go into effect.  As of right now a good amount of large YouTubers took to twitter and other social media sites to let everyone know what is going on.  It looks like anyone uploading content that is owned by Activision has been receiving content claim notices on their videos.

Right now users have been reporting large amounts of Call of Duty and Destiny content being heavily flagged with content claim notices.  If you are unfamiliar with what a YouTube Content Claim is, it basically disables your video from being able to collect revenue from advertisements.  As you can imagine, users who make a living off of gaming videos such as Call Of Duty and Destiny are not very happy at the moment, and they are letting everyone know.  The backlash has already begun over this new YouTube content claim update, and over the next day or so I expect it to get even worse.


Youtube Content Claim

An email networks sent to content creators outlining the new Youtube content claim rule going into effect.


UPDATE: Bungie Community Manager “DeeJ” has responded to popular Destiny YouTuber “MoreConsole” via Reddit saying that they are looking into the YouTube content claim situation.

Bungie Responds to New Youtube Content Claim Update

Bungie Responds to New Youtube Content Claim Update


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