New Update Coming To Xbox One | Beyond Entertainment


Participants of the Xbox Insider program will have the ability to try out several Xbox One updates this month, according to a post from Major Nelson’s site. These updates include the all-new Arena functionality via Xbox Live, Clubs and Looking for Group posts, as well as improvements to profiles, activity feeds, and game libraries.

Arena on Xbox Live provides a platform for gamers looking to take their game to a competitive level. World of Tanks will have tournaments via ESL available through this new extension of the online service, with more games to follow as the service goes public. Players can find tournaments and matches through Xbox One or Xbox on Windows 10, receiving notifications for matches and posting results to your activity feed.

Profiles and activity feeds are changing in ways Xbox Live users will certainly appreciate. A personal favorite of such updates is the addition of custom gamerpics. This feature has been sorely missed, and it will be among the last to leave the Insider preview platform due to necessary fine-tuning. The other major modification comes in the ability to pin, hide, and filter posts by friends, games, or Clubs. Feeds will now be much more manageable and ready for the addition of Clubs and Looking for Group functions.

Looking for Group (LFG) through Xbox Live serves to create specific parties for gamers. Trying to play with people your skill level? Looking to complete a specific achievement and need some help? Creating an LFG post helps gather people wanting to do the same thing. Players can also create Clubs for a similar purpose, with the ability to customize logos, backgrounds, and pin posts on their respective pages. Clubs bring the spirit of clans to the broader spectrum of Xbox Live.

Xbox Insiders with big game libraries will now be able to filter their games by Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms. For those using public Wi-Fi to access Xbox Live, Captive Portal support additions allow for internet authentication through a browser. Over the next few weeks, Insiders have the chance to utilize and provide feedback for this range of updates for the Xbox One platform. Launch the Xbox Insider Hub to find out if you meet requirements to join, experience the next wave of console updates.