New Rainbow Six Siege Update Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Rainbow Six Siege received another title update as part of the ongoing Operation: Health season. 2.1.1 will be a smaller patch released between updates 2.1 and 2.2 that frees up some more resources for Ubisoft’s team to use in the future. Update 2.1.1 was released simultaneously on all platforms on July 11th.

The first part of this patch will see Ubisoft begin the introduction of Alpha Packs, R6’s version of loot boxes that provide cosmetic options for the game’s operators. The deployment of Alpha Packs will be staggered as to ensure that the game’s performance is maintained. Each player will receive one free Alpha Pack. More packs can be earned through playing the game or through microtransactions. These packs are not yet available at the time of writing, despite the patch being released two days ago. Ubisoft stated that players can expect at least a week wait until the packs are released.

The patch also included a fix for one of the game’s most popular operators, Hibana. On occasion, Hibana’s gadget which allows players to easily breach reinforced wall would malfunction and not detonate. Ubisoft has now isolated and fixed the issue, as well as several other glitches with the character.

The last part of the patch included some map updates, most notably to Kanal. Ubisoft added some cover to the area in which the attacking team spawns, making it harder for defenders to spawn-kill them. Coastline also saw a change, ensuring destruction was consistent and functioning correctly across the map.

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Source: Ubisoft