New Project Octopath Traveler Gameplay | Beyond Entertainment


This evening’s Nintendo Direct news conference gave Nintendo fans new information about the upcoming Switch exclusive RPG Project Octopath Traveler. Developed by the Square Enix team that made the critically acclaimed Braverly Default RPG for the 3DS, Project Octopath Traveler begins with the player choosing between one of eight characters, each with their own unique story and realms.

The eight player characters further stand apart from each other in how they allow the player to progress through the story based on their own system mechanics themed to each characters’ traits. Shown off in the press video, we see that Olberic the Warrior has the unique ability to challenge NPCs to Duels, allowing him to expose deceitful wrongdoers or get people out of his way. In contrast, Primrose the Dancer has the ability to Allure NPCs, allowing her to get lost characters follow her home, lead enemies into traps, or summon her followers to assist her in battle. These unique mechanics are aimed at creating a variety of gameplay experiences and rewarding creative story navigation.

The player character goes on their quest through a HD, two dimensional world that invokes the aesthetic of a graphical enhancement of the early Final Fantasy remakes that have been released in the past years. Furthering the resemblance to Square’s signature 2D RPG style, the game uses turn-based combat with the new Boost System thrown in. The Boost System gives players Boost Points over the course of a battle that can be used to power up abilities, chain attacks together, or support allies.

A demo of Project Octopath Traveler releases later tonight with players given a survey for feedback. The full game is slated for a simultaneous worldwide release in 2018.

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