New Destiny 2 Planets and Locations

By: Ryan Cox | May 18th, 2017

In Destiny 2, players will take on entirely new planets and locations in their attempt to fight back against Ghaul and his Red Legion, who attack the Tower and the City at the start of the game. Destiny 2 will include four main locations for players to explore.

Four main features of Destiny 2 exploration were detailed in the briefing:

  • Patrols: Classic Destiny exploration where players can complete small missions for reputation and rewards, as well as explore the new planets in the game
  • Public Events: Public Events return with new difficulty and challenges. They are now also marked on the player map, indicating where and when they will occur.
  • Treasure Maps: Although not much is known about them yet, Treasure Maps are obtainable and will send players on a journey through Destiny 2’s locations to land rare gear.
  • Lost Sectors: Through numerous NPC’s and side-quests, players will obtain access to Lost Sectors, which are mysterious locations that feature unique bosses and loot drops


It’s also worth noting that players can now launch all activities in the Destiny 2 world without having to return to orbit!


European Dead Zone (Earth) – The European Dead Zone is Destiny 2’s explorable Earth location. It is also home of the new Social space in Destiny 2, which takes the place of the Tower where humanity and Guardians can retreat and rebuild. It is also the largest destination Bungie has ever built.


Nessus: After the attack on The Last City, Cayde-6 finds himself on Nessus, a planet that has been fully taken over by the Vex. Although there is plenty of foreign vegetation and landscapes, Vex structures will be as mysterious as ever when discovered and explored.


Io: Io is the last place that the Traveler touched before the Darkness appeared. The sulfuric moon of Jupiter is full of mystery and treasure to discover.


Titan: Titan, a moon of Saturn, is now a playable location in Destiny 2. The ocean-based moon holds remnants of a great Golden Age city of humanity. Monolith structures and towering buildings are available to explore.

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