New Blizzard Arena Opens in Los Angeles | Beyond Entertainment


Gaming giant Blizzard Entertainment now has its own arena for esports competition with the opening of Blizzard Arena Los Angeles. The Burbank, California location already has Hearthstone and Overwatch live events scheduled, and Blizzard boasts the capability to run multiple broadcasts from multiple sound stages within the facility.

The grand opening event for Blizzard Arena Los Angeles will be the Overwatch Contenders Playoffs October 7-8, where top Contenders teams from Europe and North America will duke it out. Additionally, for Overwatch, LA will be home for the inaugural Overwatch League season. Then the arena hosts the Summer Championship for the Hearthstone Championship Tour during the weekend of October 13. The tournament determines final entrants for the card game’s World Championship, which takes place in 2018, with $250,000 up for grabs.

Blizzard’s “custom-designed” esports-focused venue comes on the heels of MLG’s 2014 venture in Columbus, Ohio with the Arena. The Burbank Studios location will reportedly have a capacity for 450 spectators as well as an official store with rotating merchandise, depending on the event. With two Overwatch League franchises based in LA, the location makes sense for Blizzard among their ambitious plans for a bonafide league.

Source: Blizzard