Need for Speed Payback - Welcome to Fortune Valley Trailer | Beyond Entertainment


Need for Speed Payback, the latest of the seasoned racing series, takes a more open-world approach in 2017. Fortune Valley serves as the backdrop for Payback where a variety of speeding opportunities present themselves. Take a look at your options in the trailer below.

The world of Payback is set in five distinct environments composing Fortune Valley. Silver Rock is the ritzy gambling city making up the urban aspect; Liberty Desert spans the middle of the map with heated offroading competition; Mount Providence provides the experience of intense downhill and uphill racing and Drift Zones to test your skills; and Silver Canyon offers great views along the river and the Silver Dam. You can find varieties of challenges and competitions in all of them, with plenty of vehicles and parts to discover.

Battle your way through the ranks of local factions and unlock the rarest of derelict vehicles, Fortune Valley is yours for the taking. Get the latest Need for Speed November 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.