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It’s been a very tough few weeks for Team EnVyUs but today we got confirmation of their new roster. They have added NameLeSs as their new 4th after Goonjar left for Team Kaliber. As of the now the roster consist of Merk, Rambo, Studdy and NameLeSs. No word on who will be moving into the Team EnVyUs yet or who their coach will be after Rambo rejoining the squadron.


Team Co-Owner Hastro, also released a short blog about the whole team change situation and his thoughts on it:

Long tweet inbound regarding the state of #CODeSports, recent roster changes and some advice to everyone involved including fans. Hopefully many of you continue reading.

Since there are a lot of new fans joining the scene daily, I’ll give some perspective here on my own background. I’m a former professional player, coach, caster and team owner. Aside from that, I’m a huge fan of eSports in general and have been so since 2004. I’ve traveled a good bit of the world and made a somewhat healthy career with eSports as a focus. Hopefully without sounding too self-centered, I’m one of the most contributing factors as to why #CODeSports is where it is today. I don’t need anyone to tell me that or validate it.

With that said, when I began competing on COD2 and COD3 back in 2006, there were maybe 30 teams (we called them clans) that competed consistently on console. There were some PC teams competing on COD2 as well. That’s where I began lobbying and working for the game to become what it has started to become today and this is what I’ve learned:

1. The will from the players to win was no different in the infancy of #CODeSports than it is now even when MLG and other large event organizers weren’t involved and tournaments were very scarce. That drive to be the best has little to do with money for most of these top players but instead everything to do with feeling accomplished. Be aware of that.

2. You can and should hold professional players accountable for their actions as fans, but you must also hold the event organizers and teams accountable as well. You CANNOT solely blame a player for things he is allowed to get away with. This includes misconduct, cheating, manipulation or even leaving a team. Be sure to have a go at the teams and leagues too if you don’t like something you see. As a fan, this is how you make the eSport better.

3. Roster changes: they’re inevitable. In any mainstream team sport, there are daily transactions or business dealings regarding those transactions also. However, there are usually formal organizations and governing bodies there to administer those player movements and transactions. This is needed in #CODeSports and eSports in general.

4. Maturity: you’re dealing with a majority of very young players and fans within the #CODeSports space. Quite simply, this scene lacks a lot of it in many cases, but I assure you there are some mature, knowledgeable people working hard behind the scenes to change that and help guide the younger up and comers in. I’m confident there will be a day when forward facing maturity is the norm and immaturity from players and fans are completely frowned upon.

5. This is now a business. Millions of dollars are spent and made each year through #CODeSports. That is a reality. There is no sign of it slowing down for the moment.

6. The state of the sport relies heavily with the developers and publishers of Call of Duty. They have a switch they can turn on and off at any moment to swing the stability of #CODeSports in any direction. Realize that.

7. Last, I’ve learned to respect all of the top players and teams within the space. That doesn’t mean I always have to like them for their personalities, but all of the people involved at the top are truly dedicated, work hard and embrace competition. This is no different than any other sport or business where there exists immense pressure to be the best or perform at a top level. It’s what keeps me coming back and I think it’s what fuels the continual increase in viewership in #CODeSports. At the end of the day, eSports is competition at it’s finest in a digital age.


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