Middle-earth: Shadow of War Free Content Updates Announced | Beyond Entertainment


Following last month’s release of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment  announced their plans for free content for the coming months for fans of Lord of the Rings universe. Check it out schedule below!

  • Endless Siege – Defend your fortresses against Sauron’s forces as the Dark Lord tries to reclaim Mordor in the Endless Siege. (Available 21st Nov)


  • Rebellion – Crush the rebel Ologs and Uruks in your forces as they seek to undermine the Bright Lord. (Available 21st Nov)


  • Enhanced Photo Mode – Capture every battle and siege and apply new filters, frames and textures with the Enhanced Photo Mode update. (Available 21st Nov)


  • Online Fight Pits – Challenge another player’s Orc follower, Overlord vs. Overlord, to a fight to the death in the arena to earn powerful rewards and upgrades. (Available 5th Dec)


  • Brutal Difficulty – A new higher difficulty level even more challenging than Nemesis with no last chances. (Available 12th Dec)

Middle-earth: Shadow of War is out now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Source: WB Games