Michael "Strongside" Cavanaugh Hired At 343 Industries | Beyond Entertainment


Today it was announced that top Halo player, Michael “Strongside” Cavanaugh has been hired at 343 Industries. While his official job title is unknown at this point in time, it has been revealed that he will be a part of the team working on Halo 5: Guardians.

Strongside is most notably recognized from his time spent on the legendary “Final Boss” team during Halo 2.


Some of his major achievements are:

    • Won 2007 MLG National Championship in Las Vegas (with team Final Boss)
    • Has 12 first place finishes in Major Gaming competitions.
    • 1st place in the “Infinity” Challenge hosted by 343 Industries and Virgin Gaming  (Prize was a Ford Raptor Truck)


343 seems to be continuing their trend of hiring professional players from the community, seeing as they hired three community members last year to come aboard Halo team. Michael will join other top Halo players: Eric “GH057ayame” Hewitt, Sean “Dersky” Swidersky, and Mason “Neighbor” Cobb at 343 Industries to work on the Halo franchise.


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