How To Find The Master Sword – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

By: Trey Christensen | March 14th, 2017

The Master Sword is one of the most illusive weapons in Breath of the Wild, and you will have to go out of your way to locate it. The main storyline in the game will never lead you to the Master Sword, but luckily we know where to track it down!

Step 1: Find The Lost Woods

To gain entry into the Lost Woods, you will head along the path directly northeast of the tower. You follow this path until you can see an arch like structure, shrouded in mist.

Step 2: Navigating the Path

  • This next part can be difficult – but not impossible. If you stray from the path during this section, you will be automatically transported back to your last checkpoint.


  • As you make your way through the path, be on the lookout for torches – and follow them. Again, be careful not to stray from the path, this portion is basically a maze that punishes you for going off course.


  • Follow the torches all the way until you reach a noticeably alone torch on the edge of a tree line.


  • From the lone torch, make your way west. You will see (2) torches ahead, next to some large trees. Pick up the handheld torch resting against the tree and light it, this is extremely important.


  • For the remainder of the journey, there will be no more torches (hence why picking up the handheld torch was important). You will only have the embers emitting from your handheld torch to help guide you. Follow the direction of these embers and keep an eye on your shrine indicator.


  • If you are heading in the right direction, on your mini-map you will see a clearing to the east, which is the Korok Forest – go there.


Step 3: Breath of the Wild Master Sword

After a brief walk into the forest, you will come across the Master Sword sticking out of the ground – and this is where things get interesting. You will not be able to just run up and pull the sword from the ground, you are required to have earned the right to obtain the Master Sword. To be able to obtain the sword, you will need 13 permanent hearts. If you have the required amount of hearts, you will be able to pull out the Master Sword and be on your merry way!


Image Source: EuroGamer