Lawbreakers’ Lackluster Launch

By: Devin Sidhu | August 11th, 2017

Developed by Boss Key Productions, LawBreakers was starting to garner some attention through its alphas and betas in the months prior to launch. The low-gravity first-person-shooter was born from the same mind that was behind the gameplay of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament, Cliff Bleszinski and many have praised the title’s take on the both the arena shooter and hero shooter genres. While the game did show influence from titles such as Overwatch, it was a completely different gameplay experience that was more than capable of standing on its own two feet. Reviews reflected these opinions, as LawBreakers earned a 9/10 on Steam and a 82% on Metacritic.

That said, the one factor that doesn’t reflect LawBreakers’ praise is its population count. The game didn’t even break Steam’s Top 100 on launch, an accolade even the now derelict Battleborn was able to accomplish. Even the LawBreakers beta managed to hit #73. GITHYP released a write-up overviewing just what the numbers were saying about Lawbreakers and it’s not looking good. The first beta for the title back in June peaked at 7.5k players. The full title, which released on Tuesday the 8th, only peaked at 2.7k, just over a third of the beta’s peak population. Two days after release, the title has already seen player counts dip below a thousand, which most definitely is not promising for Boss Key.

It seems to be another case of an excellent game selling much less than expected, like Titanfall 2. However, one could pinpoint the reasoning between Titanfall 2’s poor sales to being bad release timing, whereas a hypothesis for LawBreakers is a bit less obvious.

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Source: PCGamesn