Lenoxcoolgamer joins 343 Industries

By: Frank Bowen | April 22nd, 2014

Lenox, a cool gamer.

Those unfamiliar with this legend may only know him for stints in Major League Gaming’s Dr Pepper Ultimate Gaming house alongside Halo nobles like Shibby, Jokr, and Curran. No one could quite assemble a gaming desk or carry a monitor like this man, that much is known.

That’s simply his, well only, public appearance. Behind the scenes, bringing Lenox, a cool gamer, on board makes so much sense. ┬áHe was the man with the magic touch, directing and producing the Major League Gaming Halo broadcasts for years.

Those that know Lenox on a personal level will understand his legacy, and know not to leave him by himself, unsupervised, in the lobby of the Gaylord hotel in Orlando.

Lenox Working at MLG

Lenox will bring a lot to the table in terms of experience with live streaming and event production in the eSports and competitive gaming markets.

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