Karma Leaves Evil Geniuses | Beyond Entertainment


UPDATE: Aches confirmed via twitter that Karma would be benched for future Season 3 matches.


Moments ago, in what is undoubtedly shocking news to the Competitive Call of Duty scene, Damon “Karma” Barlow announced that he will be leaving Evil Geniuses effective immediately due to team related issues. It was only weeks ago that Damon and his girlfriend had just given birth to their new daughter, and as a result, the EG Call of Duty team missed the ESL Advanced Warfare event at Gamescom along with UMG Dallas this past weekend.

Since adding Karma to their roster in late 2013, Evil Geniuses has dominated the 2014 season and has remained the undisputed top team in Call of Duty, including winning the Call of Duty: Championships this past Spring. With this sudden and shocking team change, it will remain a mystery who EG will look to pick up as CoD Ghosts nears the end of its run and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare gets closer and closer to releasing to the world.

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