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The 2018 Halo World Championship Finals are this weekend at CenturyLink Field,  where the best Halo teams from around the globe world will battle for their share of $1,000,000. We got a chance to catch-up with Paul “SnakeBite” Duarte of TOX Gaming about the upcoming event!

TOX Roster: Royal2, LethuL, Frosty, SnakeBite, and Coach Royal1

Beyond: Hey Snakebite! Thanks for having a chat with us. Your team with Royal 2, Lethul, and Frosty has qualified for the Halo World Championship for the third consecutive time, and you are looking for the three-peat victory as well. Did you and the guys ever think you’d build this much of a story line and legacy in Halo 5?

SnakeBite: I don’t think we ever knew how much of a story we were really going to create. When we formed this team we were trying to have the best lineup possible for the first world championship. Luckily with a great work ethic and some great personalities on this team we are able to remain a great team and really great friends.


Beyond: Splyce has made history by being the first team to take you down in two consecutive LAN Grand Finals. What makes Splyce a difficult team to face, and are there any steps you are taking to?

SnakeBite: Splyce is the real deal. Our team specifically has always talked highly of Stellur and Eco so it doesn’t surprise me to see them have the success they are. I think they just have brought a different way to playing the game than we have seen. The game has been out a while so every team knows the routine plays by this point, they rely a lot on instincts and heads up play and when it’s working it is tough to stop. For us to beat a team like Splyce I think we just need to continue working on being aware as to what they are doing on the map, but stick to playing our own style of Halo.


Beyond: The entirety of the Halo and Beyond communities were pretty shocked and upset by OpTic Gaming’s decision to release your roster from their organization. How does it feel to be free agents/self-funded for the first time in your H5 careers? How does this change your drive to win, if at all?

SnakeBite: I don’t think it really changes our drive to win very much. We are still the same team that practices every single day no matter what the event is. I think for us it is just cool to be able to represent ourselves and to represent something we are proud to be a part of.


Photo Credit: David Doran


Beyond: How has your team evolved since its formation in 2016? Not many people have ever competed at the top level with the same three people for three years straight.

SnakeBite: I think we have all just evolved as individuals and as teammates as time has passed. We are really lucky to have a group of guys on this team who all have the same work ethic and the same values. I think with those qualities in mind it is really easy for us to stay such great friends/teammates because you know your team Is always giving it 100%.


Beyond: What do you hope to see from the HCS and Halo after the 2018 World Championship? What would you like to see changed or improved upon?

SnakeBite: As many open MLG events as possible please.


Beyond: What do you hope to see out of the next Halo title from 343?

SnakeBite: I just want it to be something great. I’m not one of those people who demands the game be played a certain way. I just want halo esports to be recognized as one of the greater console esports as it should be. Hopefully they can take a step in the right direction and make that a possibility with the next title.


Beyond: What’s in store for the future of TOX Gaming?

SnakeBite:  This is a tough question to answer since currently we don’t have an announcement as to what is next after worlds. I think for our future we are just ho ping to continue to have the opportunity to compete at events as possible and to hopefully build something that we can all be proud of.

We really appreciate SnakeBite sitting down with us, and we wish him and his team the best of luck heading into the 2018 Halo World Championship. Make sure to follow SnakeBite on Twitter, and check out the brand new TOX Gaming website.

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