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The HCS Summer Pro League Finals are this weekend at DreamHack Atlanta in which the best teams from North America and Europe will battle for a share of $200,000.

Thanks to ASTRO Gaming, we were given the opportunity to sit down with a player from the top EU squad. Team Infused’s Arkel “Snakey” Brown answered a few questions about this weekend’s tournament.

Hey Snakey, hope all is well.  Is this your first DreamHack?

Yes this is the first DreamHack I’ve attended.


What are your thoughts on DreamHack Atlanta thus far?

Yeah, the event is amazing, just absolutely amazing.


Will you be checking out any other eSport’s tournaments this weekend?

Yeah for sure. I’ll be looking at Injustice 2. I play that a lot in my spare time so I’ll be checking it out this weekend.


Your team finished undefeated in the EU Pro League and only dropped 3 maps all season. How confident are you going into the Summer Finals?

We are very confident. I think this is the best lineup I’ve personally been apart of. So we are going into this weekend very confident and like you said, we’ve only dropped 3 maps. That just shows how strong of a team we are.


What would you say is the one map and gametype that your team is best at?

I’d like to say Slayer as our best gametype, we are very good slaying team.  But in general as a whole, I believe Strongholds on Rig would be our best map and gametype.


How have team scrims been in preparation for DreamHack Atlanta?

Yeah, so we scrim almost everyday. We try to get at least 11 maps in everyday that way we are able to go over things to improve. Yeah we’re just online everyday playing.


Has your team had the chance to scrim against any North American teams?

No, we haven’t managed to play any of them mainly due to time differences. We have been talking to a few NA pros this weekend and home to practice against them before we play.


Who do you feel is your toughest opponent?

Definitely Optic Gaming. They’ve obviously been the best team for a few years now, the toughest team, so it’s certainly them.


What are some key factors that your team needs to do this weekend to come out on top?

Okay so keep the communication going, keep it flowing, keep the small talk up. If we do happened to go down we have to keep a good mentality and don’t tilt or get upset at each other for losing a map or match.


That pretty much does it, shoutout to ASTRO Gaming for setting this interview up.  Do you have any shoutouts you’d like to make?

Big shoutout to ASTRO Gaming for sure, to all our sponsors and anyone who supports us. Also to all my friends and family who’ve helped me throughout the years to allow me to do what I love to do.

Big thanks to Snakey for sitting down with us and to ASTRO Gaming for setting up the interview.  Snakey and Team Infused have a tough road ahead this weekend in the HCS Summer Pro League Finals, we’ll see if they have what it takes to go home victorious.  You can check out all the HCS action this weekend over at Make sure you click over to this weekend’s schedule to see start times for each day.

Do you think Team Infused has what it takes to show up big this weekend?  Let us know your thoughts over on our forums!