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We recently had the chance to sit down with professional Halo player Justin “Roy” Brown from Evil Geniuses, to ask him a few questions about his new roster and the Halo Championship Series.

Roy ESL Halo

What are your thoughts on The Halo Championship Series?

Roy: I couldn’t possibly be more excited about The Halo Championship Series and what the future of halo holds.  After competing with Str8 Rippin in the recent ESL Halo Invitational, I have decided to leave that roster to join up with my brother Lunchbox, as well as Snipedown and Pistola.  We will be playing under the team Evil Geniuses in upcoming tournaments.


Have you been enjoying Halo 2 Anniversary? Do you think it is a good game to have as the main competitive Halo title?

Roy: I am absolutely in love with the gameplay of Halo 2 Anniversary but the game’s interface is obviously incomplete but I am very confident that 343 will make the necessary patches and updates to correct all of the issues.  As a fan of the Halo franchise as a whole, going all of the way back to H1, having the ability to play all of the original games in their original form is pure awesomeness.


We saw that you are now a part of the Evil Geniuses roster (Congrats)! Walk us through that process, and how they got in touch with you and your team.

Roy:  Hmmmm, where to start.  So, Kelby from GoodGame originally contacted Snip3down to my knowledge about working with Evil Geniuses, and he and Pistola decided they didn’t want to pass on the opportunity.  They then contacted me about joining up with them and I instantly agreed as they are two of the most established players in the halo history, so at that point it was us three looking for a 4th.  We discussed picking up Naded, Ryanoob, Str8 Sick as potential 4ths and eventually decided on Naded.  After this decision was made, Lunchbox secretly decided that this opportunity to return was too great and decided to try and make it fit with his work schedule.  For me personally, Lunch is way more than just a Halo teammate.

He is my twin, brother, best friend….my duo.  He will and always has taken priority as a teammate and will be on my team for as long as we are both competing.  It was very unfortunate the way everything went down with Naded and words can’t describe the feeling of having to tell him we would be picking up Lunch instead of him.  I have so much respect for him as a teammate and person and we all wish him the best of luck.  As an added bonus, as soon as Lunchbox agreed to return, I knew who my top choice at coach was.  Towey was myself and Lunch’s coach for 18 or 19 events in a row and is one of my best friends.  After many days of persuading, he finally agreed to join the squad.


We saw you return after a decently long absence at the ESL invitational on Str8 Rippin which was awesome! What made you decide to come back, and how did you guys convince Jason (Lunchbox) to come back to the scene and compete?

Roy: Just want to take a quick second to thank T2, Ryanoob, Str8 Sick, and Walshy for such an awesome tournament together, and I enjoyed every second of teaming with them.  I can speak for myself and Lunch when I say that it wasn’t our decision to quit competing, there just weren’t enough relevant tournaments for it to be worth our time to compete.  So we both moved on to school and work.  With all of the recent hype and the potential for growth this game has, it was an easy decision for me to come back and all of the support I have received has been unbelievable.


What is it like being a part of the Evil Geniuses organization?

Roy: Honestly, it’s very humbling.  Getting the opportunity to work alongside the most successful organization across multiple titles around the world, motivates both myself and my teammates to perform at an even higher level and to hold ourselves to the standard set by Evil Geniuses across the competitive gaming industry.


With your new team formed and looking dominant in recent streams, what will your practice schedule be like going forward?

Roy: We will be on a pretty vigourous grind in the upcoming weeks.  We have been playing pretty much every night as a team and I personally have been playing 6-8 hours a day recently to prepare for the upcoming events.  I don’t think I have ever been on a team that is more determined and dedicated to improving and winning.


What upcoming tournaments will your team be attending?

Roy: We plan to attend every major tournament with the next being the Iron Gaming tournament Columbus on Dec 12th-14th.


Any plans for a Roy livestream?

Roy: YES!!!! I am hoping to have the stream up and going within a week or so and will be posting updates via twitter.  Couldn’t be more excited and look forward to showing the Roy BR in action again 😉


Where can people find you (Social media,etc)

Roy: My twitter is @theRoyBorg and my facebook is /themlgroy


Any shoutouts?

Roy: I wanna give a special thanks to Kelby from GoodGame for everything he has done for the squad, Evil Geniuses, Monster and all other sponsors that help support us through EG.  To Jason @mlgLunchbox, Eric @EDWSnip3down, Justin @iGotUrPistola, Ryan @RyanTowey…couldn’t be more excited to be teaming with these 4 guys and look forward to going to war with you fellas.  Most importantly of all, to the fans that support myself and the rest of my teammates, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  All of you help make this dream of ours a reality and I look forward to doing some stream and twitter giveaways in the near future!


We really appreciate Roy sitting down and doing an interview with us, and we wish him and his team the best of luck moving forward! Be sure to follow Roy on TwitterTwitch, and drop him a like on Facebook!


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