Intel Grand Slam Brings More Than $1 Million To CS:GO | Beyond Entertainment


Taking the stage at the PC Gaming Show conference, Intel announced a large investment in competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as the Global Technical Partner of the Electronic Sports League, an agreement that will have Intel provide gaming and streaming PCs for the following ESL competitions:

Intel Extreme Masters

  • ESL Pro League
  • ESL One events
  • ESL National Championships


Grassroots Platforms

    • ESEA
    • ESL Play


The New Intel Arenas

    • Former ESL studios EU
    • Former ESL studios Burbank

For competitors, however, the introduction of the Intel Grand Slam comes as the most exciting part of the announcement. Likening the competition to the tennis Grand Slam tournaments, Intel  spokesman Dou Fischer announced that over the course of ten ESL and Dreamhack events with at least a $200,000 prize pool, the first team to win four would gain a $1,000,000 bonus.

Furthermore, if a team with three event wins loses in the grand finals of what would be their fourth event win, the team that denied them would win a $100,000 prize (unless that win was itself their fourth Grand Slam win).


Do you think the new Grand Slam will create a more cohesive story line for competitive CS:GO like the tennis Grand Slams? Discuss now on our forums!

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