Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Retribution DLC Details Released

By: Connor Murphy | September 7th, 2017

This past weekend, Call of Duty: WWII wrapped its second weekend of private beta access. Now, the CoD loyal have a fourth and final DLC for Infinite Warfare around the corner. Retribution has a Sept. 12 release date for PlayStation 4 while a date for other platforms awaits announcement, it contains four multiplayer maps and a new zombies experience: The Beast from Beyond. The newest expansion of the popular co-op mode brings familiar faces to a broken-down spaceship in the future to, you know, kill more zombies. Check out the trailer below.

For the four maps, we’re getting Carnage, Heartland, Altitude, and Depot 22.

Carnage is a “post-apocalyptic race track” set in California that includes long sightlines as well as a fire trap for roasting your foes, among other environmental hazards. Heartland is a re-imagining of the Call of Duty: Ghosts map, Warhawk, which focused on a main road of a small town with plenty of spots to set up shop (pun intended). Next is Altitude, a map located in a “high-end, sky high shopping mall” that features quick flank routes and a concrete jungle appeal. Finally, Depot 22 focuses on medium-ranged combat in three lanes with a moving train off which to wall-run and flank. There’s also the opportunity to “battle in the cantina for close-quarter combat”, so get ready for a fast-paced fight.

Infinite Warfare’s Retribution DLC will sell for your standard $15 USD or included with your season pass. Grab it on PlayStation 4 Sept. 12, and we’ll be sure to update once a date for other platforms is announced. Discuss the DLC on our forums!