Titanfall - Infinite Titan Burn Card Glitch | Beyond Entertainment


Update: Glitch has been patched.

Titanfall has been out for two weeks now and so far, so good. No major bugs/glitches that required immediate attention.

Well, except this one. A user known as Midgy has found an exploit which allows players to re-use Titan Burn Cards. For those who aren’t aware what Titan Burn Cards do, it allows the user to spawn in and instantly call in a Titan without needing to wait the normal amount of time.

The trick is simple, as shown in the video below.

Step 1 – Get a Titan Burn Card
Step 2 – Equip it, along with two other Burn Cards you are willing to lose
Step 3 – Enter a game
Step 4 – When you die, select your Titan Burn Card and hover over the button which allows you to spawn into your Titan
Step 5 – Once you are hovering over the button, press Y to bring up the Burn Cards screen
Step 6 – When you see the animation for your Titan dropping in, press A on a different Burn Card

If done correctly, you will keep the Titan Burn Card, at cost of one of the other two Burn Cards you equipped prior to the match starting. However, you can only do this trick twice per match, as you will run out of Burn Cards.

The tutorial above is written from an Xbox One standpoint, but should be the exact same on PC and possibly Xbox 360 if the issue isn’t fixed by then.
titanfall art

The reason we chose to showcase this glitch is because while it could be considered game breaking, it is a major bug that needs to be patched as soon as possible. With Respawn Entertainment being a new company, it is going to be interesting to see what their post-launch support for Titanfall is like.

We want this exploit fixed as much as you do and by exposing it to more people, we hope that it grabs the attention of Respawn as soon as possible. Feel free to drop a tweet to @Respawn or @Titanfallgame to make sure the exploit is patched.

In other Titanfall news, the Xbox 360 version of the game was delayed again until April.