How to Get Rat King in Destiny 2 (Exotic Weapon Guide)

By: Devin Sidhu | September 8th, 2017

With the release of Destiny 2, many players who have already completed the main story have begun to gather exotics and prepare for the Raid, which will become available on September 13th. Many exotics have questlines attached to them, one of them being the exotic sidearm, the Rat King. Getting this early exotic could be a huge help to those trying to pass the 265 Power plateau, so read on to learn how to get Rat King in Destiny 2!

Step 1: Like the other quests, you’ll have to have beaten the main story and have reached level 20. From there, head to Titan and compete the Enemy of My Enemy questline. After completing the mission Chances and Choices, you’ll receive the Rat King Crew and a riddle-focused questline. From here on out, you’ll need a fireteam of at least two people with the quest. The first riddle will task you with completing Patrols on any planet. To access Patrols, complete the Patrols quest in the EDZ after completing the main story.

Step 2: The next riddle will require your fireteam to complete a few Public Events, but they don’t need to be Heroic. Again, the EDZ is probably your best bet here. There’s enough public events here so that you can just rotate through the fast travel points around the map to farm them and pick up some extra loot along the way. Shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Step 3: The third riddle will send your fireteam into the Crucible to pump some lead into fellow Guardians. All you’ll need to do is complete two matches, so hop into quick-play to knock those out.

Step 4: The final riddle is a more daunting task. Your fireteam will be tasked with completing the weekly Nightfall Strike. To even consider touching the strike at all, you’ll need to be around 265 Power, but being in the 270s will make this far more doable. As if that wasn’t hard enough, there’s a catch: The strike has to be completed with at least 5 minutes on the clock. The strike only starts with 10 on the clock, although you can add more through killing enemies. Full team wipes will result in lost time, so if it wasn’t already clear, you’ll need a practically perfect run to finish this step. It may be best to put this off until you have some higher level gear. However, if you manage to complete it, you’ll be rewarded with the exotic Rat King sidearm.

Now that you’ve got the weapon, go discuss the Rat King Exotic Sidearm on our Destiny forums!

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