How to Get Outbreak Prime in Destiny: Rise of Iron (Exotic Raid Weapon)

By: Ryan Cox | September 28th, 2016

Bungie has always been a developer who can pull off some of the most exciting, mysterious treasure hunts both in an out of their games. After thousands of players contributed to an ARG, dozens of players solved complex math problems, and more, the Destiny community just cracked Bungie’s newest mystery.

Destiny Rise of Iron – Raid Pulse Rifle

This will be a guide on how to get Outbreak Prime in Destiny, the newest Exotic Raid Weapon from Rise of Iron. Obtaining this weapon takes longer than beating the new Wrath of the Machine raid, so strap in and let’s get started; it won’t be simple.

Step 0: The ARG

To begin, it would be a major disservice to many people if we did not give credit to the tons of incredibly talented and smart Guardians who picked apart Bungie’s newest ARG. In short, the people who decrypted this data combined numerous image files to discover a map that led to the final raid jigsaw piece. You won’t need to know much about the ARG to obtain the weapon, but know that thousands of people worked together to get the image that started it all.

Rise of Iron Raid Map


Step 1: The Monitors

Throughout the Wrath of the Machine raid, there are hidden monitors in each encounter and playspace: one in Vosik, The Archpriest’s room; one within a jumping puzzle; one during the Siege Engine/Death Zamboni; and one at the very end of the raid, after the final boss. The fourth monitor is where it will all come together. Below is a handy guide for finding all four standard monitors.

Note: The final monitor is at the end of the raid, the mystery monitor comes before it! Make sure not to skip any monitors, they are all necessary!


Step 2: The Server Room

The server room, also called the “diamond room” or “cube room”, is what all of the detective work has led up to. The server room is a massive black capsule that holds the fourth monitor within. Surrounding the cube are four sections of platforms/cylinders. When facing each section from the cube’s railing, the cylinders are sorted into columns and rows. To initiate the sequence, have four players split up to stand on one cylinder each in this pattern.

Raid Lore

After initiating the sequence, the remaining two players will head to the room adjacent and find two additional monitors. Upon activating the sequence, the monitors will begin displaying binary code. You must convert these binary numbers to standard numbers to tell the players where they must stand.

Left Monitor #: Column

Right Monitor #: Row

The monitors will cycle through the four quadrants, with one player standing on a specific cylinder in each quadrant. Do note that this process is random, you will have to deduce the binary locations with your fireteam. The monitors will display the cylinder locations in order of the quadrants: 00, 01, 02, 03.

Example: Sequence begins. Left Monitor reads 3 in binary, Right Monitor reads 5. The player assigned to Quadrant 00 will stand on the cylinder in Column 3, Row 5. Rinse and repeat for all four quadrants until the capsule opens and reveals the fourth monitor.

If you stand on the correct cylinder, you will hear a sound that indicates you are ready to move on to the next quadrant.

If you fail, the cylinders will stop glowing and you will hear a sound that indicates you must reset. Initiate the sequence and start again at Quadrant 00.

If you are struggling to piece together the correct procedure and/or locations, check out this video guide by Datto.

Step 3: The Quests

It is worth noting that these next two steps are not necessarily in order. After activating all five monitors within the raid, you will obtain an emblem from the chest underneath the final boss’ room. This is the beginning of your quest to obtain Outbreak Prime. The reason these two steps are segmented is because the quest steps are fairly straightforward. Objectives include Pulse Rifle Kills, Heroic Strike Completions, Killing Splicers, Archon’s Forge Victories, and more.

Upon completing each quest step, you will be given a SIVA Engine.

IMPORTANT: For a majority of these quests, you must be in a fireteam that contains 1 Warlock, 1 Titan, and 1 Hunter. Do not invite additional players to your fireteam unless it is necessary for the quests.


Step 4: SIVA Engines

Note: Many agree that solving the SIVA Engine puzzles are very exciting to do without a guide. Try solving these math problems with your fireteam before reading the spoilers below!

The first SIVA Engine you obtain will introduce you to the first math-oriented puzzle within the quest chain. In short, the player must convert an input value (300) to the end result, which varies by class, using different nodes when inspecting the item. Each node adds or subtracts numbers from your net value and must be selected to reach the correct output (you can see your class’s output on the final node). Here are the combinations for each column of nodes.

  • Warlock: 32323
  • Titan: 31313
  • Hunter: 23223


1 = First Row, 3 = Third Row, etc.

After solving your class’ portion of the engine, you will have to communicate with your teammates to find which values they used to reach their end result; you cannot simply re-enter their node pattern.

The second SIVA Engine will require cooperation between your Fireteam. All three players must be in possession of the new SIVA Engine and must align their nodes so that their end value is synchronized with one another. Each player has different nodes and values. After each player sets their nodes to the values below, all three players should simultaneously be able to complete their engine and move on to the next step of the quest.

  • Titan: 42123
  • Warlock: 13334
  • Hunter: 24414


The third and final SIVA Engine is similar to the second, but becomes more difficult as the grid becomes 5×5. We recommend using a calculator or trying to solve with your fireteam, as the exact combinations are not yet locked in and the values are random on the nodes. After completing the third SIVA Engine, you will head to Shiro-4 and turn in the quest to obtain Outbreak Prime – the Exotic Raid Pulse Rifle.


Not only is the reward phenomenal, but the quest to obtain Outbreak Prime united an entire community of gamers. From those chipping away at the ARG data, to the very first clan opening the server room, this was an incredibly in-depth discovery. Share the love and make sure to help others solve the quest as well!


This quest and guide are extremely complicated, so if you have any questions feel free to shoot us a tweet at @TeamBeyondnet or @RyInfinity on Twitter!

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