How to Get MIDA Multi Tool in Destiny 2 (Exotic Guide)

By: Ryan Cox | September 8th, 2017

With the release of Destiny 2, many players who have already completed the main story have begun to gather exotics and prepare for the Raid, which will become available on September 13th. Many exotics have questlines attached to them, one of them being a returning exotic scout rifle from the original Destiny. Getting this early exotic could be a huge help to those trying to pass the 265 Power plateau, so read on if you haven’t already got it!

As with the other exotic quests, you’ll have to have completed the main story and reached level 20 as a prerequisite. From there, complete all of the quests in Earth’s European Dead Zone. As you’re doing all of this, as well as anything prior to going for the MIDA Multi-Tool, keep an eye out for rare or legendary scout rifles. If you manage to grab one, hang on to it, as it will make your life much easier later on in the quest.

After completing the EDZ quests, Devrim Kay will provide you with a legendary sub-machine gun, called the MIDA Mini-Tool. Similar to the Drang and Sturm, these weapons are paired. After receiving the Mini-Tool, head over to the Gunsmith in the Tower to pick up the quest for the Multi-Tool.

The first step towards the Multi-Tool has two steps. First off, you’ll have to take down 50 enemies with precision shots from scout rifles. Hit some Public Events and Lost Sectors to run through this pretty quickly. The second part will have you getting triple kills without reloading. To the boredom of many, you’ll need 25 of these, but you don’t need to go after a specific enemy class.

From here, you’ll need those rare quality or higher scout rifles to dismantle. Dismantle 5 of them to move on. The final step will be to get 50 airborne kills with an SMG. Conveniently, Bungie was nice enough to provide the Mini-Tool for us to use just a little while before this step. Warlocks with the Wings of Sacred Dawn exotic chest piece will have a particularly easy time with this, as the armor will suspend them in the air when aiming down sights. Then head back to the Gunsmith and enjoy what is still a top-tier scout rifle.

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